22 June - 1 July 2017

The next SCHÄXPIR festival will take place from 22 June to
1 July 2017.

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He grins cheekily on billboards, peeks out of shop windows, flutters through the letterbox: young SCHÄXPIR is unquestionably the main face of the festival.

The unconventional spelling, harking back to the Great Bard of world-renown, has ruthlessly captured the hearts of young and old alike. Just as SCHÄXPIR plays on the name of Shakespeare the playwright, the festival plays on the expression "Großes Theater" (lit. "great theater").

SCHÄXPIR provides a platform for innovative and courageous theater for young people as well as the young at heart. New, innovative and groundbreaking strategies and variations are what the programme is all about. The festival remains true to the principle of putting on sophisticated and highbrow productions.